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Busting myth #2 in the Subscribe to smooth challenge
Gillette Venus Razor and Cartridges
If you have read my previous post in the #Susbcribetosmooth challenge series, then you would know that I busted a myth about shaving myself.  I discovered that shaving does not turn your skin dry and flaky. Today it’s time to bust the biggest myth about shaving, according to me.
Myth 2 – Shaving turns skin dark and changes texture and color of hair.

All I can say is that, It.Does.Not. 

Yes, it definitely changes the color of skin if you cut your skin. Anyways when you get a cut, the new skin that develops is always lighter and then gets normal after a few days, shaving works the same way. But, it does not happen because of the razor; it happens if you do not use a user friendly razor. The handle and grip of the GilletteVenus is such that you will be able to use it smoothly, without hurting yourself. I felt that the grip really makes a difference to how you shave. Also, shave while in the shower when the hair is soft, it is very easy to work with razors then. Believe me. 

Now, the concern of difference in hair texture and color. So as far as the color is concerned, don’t worry you won’t go from brunette to blonde just if you shave! This is not affected by a razor. The texture of hair also remains the same but yeah, one or two days after shaving, while the hair is growing out again, you may feel that the hair is a little prickly, but that’s how hair grows back. 

The best thing would be to avoid wearing skin tight clothes on these days. 

So from what I experienced after two weeks of using the Gillette Venus Razor and the Shaving Gel, is that the myth number 2 is actually a myth and not actuality. So go ahead, give shaving a try and get loads of razor cartridges to keep you going. For more details on shaving, don’t forget to check out their app here.
Will see you next time with one more myth to bust! 

Loads of love,
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