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Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review
Blue silk saree with kurta is an online costume jewellery destination which aims at redefining jewellery, with designs which are visually stunning and have a character and also budget friendly at the same time!

They have a huge variety when it comes to jewellery and the pieces are all of high quality. They also have an array of silver jewellery along with costume ones. If you are looking for jewellery, to wear with  Indian attires, then Voylla will not disappoint you and the same goes for the time you are looking for something to wear with western outfits! 

What I specifically love on their website is their collection of hand harness or haath phools . They have some mind-blowing designs of hand harnesses! You should totally check those out!

Here, I am wearing two pieces from two different collections.

Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

 Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review
Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

The ring is from their boutique collection, which is their high end range and has beautiful and unique pieces made with different sort of stones. The collection has pieces that are very bold and modern and can be worn with western as well as Indian attire! The white stone shines like a moonstone!

The necklace is a long necklace which, I think, is very versatile! This can be styled in various ways to add that bohemian touch to your outfit and those white tassels add that extra edge to it! 

I am happy with the quality of the jewellery and also the jewellery looks 98% like it is shown on the website. so, you do not have any worries of ordering something and receiving something else! I have faced that in the past and it is really not pleasant. Everyone wants to receive what they are ordering and with you will get what you order !

I would definitely recommend you to check out their collection, especially their boutique collection!

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day, which was yesterday, so first of all a Very happy women’s day to you! No, I do not mean belated. I am wishing you today, for today! You know why?

Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review
Because I believe that you did awesome things today as a woman, which you do every day, regardless of the date and for us every day is women’s day. The people who love you will always make everyday a special day and celebrate, and for that I don’t think you need the date to be 8th of March. And above all you have to love yourself first, be confident about yourself and then you can expect everyone else to do that for you! 

Do one thing! Write. Write a love letter. A letter to yourself! 

Write down what you love about yourself. Write what you like to do. Write about your dreams, your wishes. Just write it all down and keep it with you. And if you are crazy enough, give that letter enclosed in an envelope to a friend and ask him/her to post that letter to you after 6 months. 

Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

Put a few rose petals in the envelope. People often preserve special roses; they keep them inside an old book. Those roses or any flower are not preserved because of their beauty. It is preserved for the value it holds. 

Gift a rose to yourself, make a promise and preserve that rose. So that when you re-discover it, you are reminded of that one promise you made to no one but yourself.  Until then look far into the future and weave beautiful and bold dreams, for we are no less than strong Lionesses and can do anything we want to!   
Indian style and fashion blogger , Voylla review

White chikankari kurti - Gariahat , Kolkata 

Block printed raw silk saree -From Mom's Closet

Necklace & Statement Ring  -  C/O  

I love myself like this! Messy hair, lost in daydreams, wearing something that is incredibly comfortable, yet something not everyone would like to wear and to top that off with some beautiful jewellery. 
Hope you do write that letter and also I hope you do check out some hand harnesses!

Leave a link to the harness which you like the most on in the comments! You never know, I just might gift that to you!
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