India Spa week 2016 : My experience at Spa Namaa, New Alipore

This weekend I was invited to special preview of the India Spa week 2016 at a participating spa. The spa week is all about encouraging people across 5 metropolitan cities to explore the about Spas and more.
The 5 cities being Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai , Hyderabad and Delhi. There are 15 spas participating and each one is listed here. The spa week is on till the 6th of March. 

I was invited to Spa Namaa, located in New Alipore Kolkata and I was looking forward to unwind after an early morning flight. But unfortunately , things kind of went south for me. 
I was not able to locate the spa and was not able to contact them as well. The funny thing is after calling them for almost 20 times before reaching, I received a callback after I started my massage session.

I reached the spa and was immediately given an option to choose from three rooms available. No welcome drink. I chose a room with a shower temple, which I later found out was not really clean, adding to my disappointment. The rooms are downright shabby and sort of dirty, especially the towels etc. The ambiance is very plain, no essential oil or candles burning, loud music in terms of a spa. 

My masseuse asked me about what sort of massage I would like to opt for and I went in for a Swedish massage.  I was very happy with the massage and my masseuse was experienced and she kept everything in mind like the pressure, pain etc. The best part of this was the massage and I was honestly quite happy.

Any sort of massage is followed by nice warm bath and I was expecting the same. But then again, there was NO hot water! The shower did not work, there was hardly any sort of flow of water and the shower temple had a soap bar kept on a rack which was all melted and probably had already been used by n number of persons! So I decided that it would be better to wipe off all the oil and take a shower at home. Before leaving my masseuse asked me if I would like to have some juice or not and then she handed my a small pet bottle of Mazza (it is a packaged mango drink).

So all in all I would say that I had a bad experience at Spa Namaa because a Spa session  is all about relaxing before, during and after a massage. I would definitely encourage you to visit a spa, India Spa week has other quite well known spas that I am sure you would have a nice experience at.

Disclaimer : I was Invited to Spa Namaa By India Spa week. The services were complimentary , but my views and opinions are completely honest, as always. 
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