Find Your Correct Fit at The Zivame Fitting Lounge in Bangalore | Lingerie concerns addressed!

If you are women in who stays in India then you MUST have experienced all the shushing and whispering that goes around in our Indian society related to any sort of women’s underwear.
On one hand, Bollywood actors endorse men’s underwear by getting all macho and blah – blah in the TV ads, while most women either use code words to talk or never talk at all about their underwear! Yes, I have heard a list of weird names for a bra! And there is nothing weirder than being ashamed of what you wear!

And the weirdest thing related to Bras is buying them from a store! If it is not a fancy hoo-ha store, it is understood that anyone would be embarrassed by the time they finally buy a bra! 
A normal scene in Indian lingerie (lyn-ger-riiiii) store is something like this

- Eee chotuu “ye nikal”, “wo Nikal”, “Madam ko yeh dikha” and then “CHOTU” will scan you from top to bottom and give you a random size that would hardly ever be the right size for you!
Plus, it is downright awkward and you only get two colors white and black and rarely skin!!! 

But finally I can say there is a solution to that!, an Indian online lingerie store, has come up with the concept of “Fit Lounge”, where you can get your right size of bra without all the awkwardness! 

Hell I used to think that I wear the correct size, but turns out, I didn’t! And trust me I am very conscious about the things I wear, may it be clothes or lingerie!

No more scanning, no more weirdness, you get your right size and you would feel like a princess at the lounge! 
You are assigned to a fit consultant, who has the proper knowledge of size and everything. Your fit consultant will ask you a few questions and according to your requirements you will be given different styles and sizes until, you find your perfect fit! 

My fit consultant was very sweet and she really address all my concerns! 
And the best part is that everyone inside the fit lounge is female and everything is pink and cute! Once you find your fit, you can order it online from the fit lounge itself! 

And I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a bra that is your right size! And if you don’t take it seriously, it is time to now!! 

I had a wonderful experience at the fit lounge and I would DEFINITLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND each and every woman to experience this! I went to the one in Bangalore in Indiranagar.

Do let me know once you visit any of the fit lounges how your experience was!!! Don’t worry about any charges the service is complimentary because they believe all women must wear the correct size and they are here to help. You can book an appointment online!

Loads of love,
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