5 classic nail colors for winters

5 classic nail colors for winters
A Kiss in Paris, Bold Gold, Bordeaux,Black, Deluxe Chocolate

Holla People! How you doin??? :P!

I am starting a series of “5 things/colors/ways”, where I will show you 5 things related to the topic. Like today’s post is “5 classic nail colors for winters” and I am telling you about the 5 colors which are evergreen when it comes to nail polish in winters! 

So here you go with my list! Don’t forget to comment yours in the comment section below!

Cuccio colors “A Kiss in Paris” – It is a bright red glossy polish without any sort of shimmer ,which is a must have nail color for every season to get your glam on! 

Maybelline Colorshow in “Bold Gold” – Any sort of gold nail polish will make it to this list , but I went with a pale gold with a metallic finish that is very versatile for outfits of this season! 

Maybelline Colorama in “black” – Well, this being the darkest color needs no explanation as to why this should be in this list!

5 classic nail colors for winters

Revlon Parfumerie in “Bordeaux” – A maroon or a wine color is a must-have nail color for the winters! I am going with a maroon- y wine shade from the scented polish range of Revlon. Sadly , I loved the shade but not the formula of this polish !! 

Avon Nail wear pro+ in “Deluxe Chocolate” – A chocolate/ Brown shade is a classic winter color and it definitely made to my list! This one has loads of shimmer and looks really pretty and not over the top!

I personally think these shades are what any girl needs to have no matter which year’s winter it is! That’s why I put this in the classic shades list! Next list would be my top 5 glitter nail polishes of 2015 !

How many out of these 5 do you want to have?? Let me know in the comments, also if you would add any color to this shade!??

Loads of love,
Priyanjana !

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