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skincare routine for combination skin

Combination skin is possibly the trickiest type of skin to take care of, and I am “blessed” with combination and sensitive skin! Yeah, the sensitive part just HAD to be there, to make things even more difficult! After I moved to Bangalore from Kolkata, I had to face some seeerious pimple and rash problem! But, thankfully now, I have the “situation” under control!

I figured I would not be the only girl with combination skin, trying to figure out a skincare routine for pimple free,clear skin! And that is why I am sharing my skincare routine, which can help you achieve what you want! :D {This is my first post on a skincare routine, so please don’t beat me up, if I write anything stupid}

I am dividing the routine in two parts – Morning and Night. Buckle up Sunshine!, because this is going to be a long post.

skincare routine for combination skin
Products from the body shop, Vaadi, Rustic Art, Kama Ayurveda , Lotus herbals and garnier

Morning Routine


Every day when I wake up, depending on what I applied the night before, I use a face wash. Usually I use the Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap Free face cleanser (review), every alternate day and lightly scrub my face with it. The days I do not use a face wash, I wash my face with water and then use some rose water to tone and clean my face with a cotton pad.


Aloe Vera has a lot of  great properties , which include it being a natural toner. It also has moisturizing properties. So every day , after washing my face or even after using the rose water, I apply a generous amount of the Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera Gel, let it absorb.
I usually stop at the aloevera gel because it is so soothing and mositurizing!  ( I am loving it currently by the way ) and follow up with the Lotus Herbals MatteGel sunscreen (review).
and apply a looot of the Vaadi Herbals Blueberry Lip Balm, this lip balm is so worth the money!

skincare routine for combination skin

Night Routine


After I am done removing my makeup , which is usually just eyeliner and mascara, with coconut oil, I wash my face with the Garnier PureActive High Foaming Neem and tulsi Face wash (review)
I always follow up with the Khadi Gramodaya Pure Rose water after washing my face. Leave it on my face for a while. 
Once every three days I apply  The Body Shop Bouncy Sleeping Mask (review) before going to sleep. On the other days, I apply the Aloevera gel on my face and eyelids ( it is soooooo soothingg!) or maybe spray some rose water generously( This depends on my mood)
Once a week I go to sleep without applying anything at all.  

Once In a week 
I apply the Khadi Gramodaya Sandalwood Face (review) pack for 5 - 10 minutes and I use the Khadi rosewater to make the paste. But, I have finished the pack last week and have started using the face pack I had received in my June 2015 FabBag (review).
I am a very lazy girl and even this much of effort is a lot for me! so if you are very busy or just lazy like me and facing a lot of problems with pimples and their spots, then this routine just might help you out!
and the best part is , almost everything is either natural or organic! If you want to try something that doesn't involve any products , DO check out my "A guide to ... For Lazy Girls" ! 
I tried to keep it as short and simple I could , Hope you understood it all! 

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