All you gotta do to shop now is , Shoot! A picture!! #FlipkartImageSearch Indimeet

Midnight of 30th July - Me doing my usual boring midnight scrolling through twitter to find something interesting, ( My everyday routine, I am sure many of you do this ) , and to my surprise I really did find something interesting!
A retweet from INDIBLOGGER caught my attention that said about an upcoming event on the 1st of August!
Without wasting any time, I opened my mail and checked if I had received an invite, and I had received an invite to the event!

That moment, immediately I sat up, did my registration then went to sleep, all excited!
Why wouldn't I be excited, this was my first indiblogger meet after all and to add to that at Hard Rock cafe, a place I had been meaning to visit, since, forever! 


So, I left early and reached early on 1st!  And it was all worth it! 

The event started with a bang, with the indiblogger team turning into a rock band! It was followed by some “Introductions” , which I skipped this time because I wanted to know more about everyone else! I can roar some other day :P ! 

But now coming to business, the meet was for us to experience the NEW Image Search option, Flipkart has introduced. We had a fun , like really fun , activity where we had to use the IMAGE SEARCH option to play! And after using that I had to agree that this might be the best thing flipkart has introduced in the app!

Because it is really confusing to get misleading and different description from people for a particular thing you want to buy! You want to buy a blue t shirt , but you don’ t know the exact shade’s name ! How do you describe it? Difficult right? All you got to do now , is click a picture of what you want and search it on the Flipkart Mobile app. 

Mr.Punit Soni Giving us all the information about the new feature and a little insight into how Flipkart makes a difference

We had a really nice and interactive session with the whole Flipkart Team. The best part was that we got to interact with the people who were directly responsible for the whole Image Search application! For now they have this feature for mostly clothes, accessories, etc.
But, they will expand soon and will introduce this feature for furniture, home d├ęcor, etc!

After this, we had some really nice food and I got to meet sooooo many new people! All of them are really awesome bloggers from Bangalore! 

I caught up with my blogger friends, Krupa, Madhu, Ashwini, Varsha and also made a lot of new friends! 
Krupa giving her "Chemistry Teacher - Fashion Blogger " Introduction :)

My awesome team for the activity

All in all, I got to know about something that will help me a lot, made some friends and came back home with loads of great memories ! I am really looking forward to attending the next indiblogger event and making some more memories. 

Hope you are going to use the #FlipkartImageSearch feature and let me know how you are using it!!

I did not have a single proper ,” not blurred “ photograph , so I am using the pictures taken from Indiblogger’s facebook page.

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