My First Haul from The Body Shop!

My First Haul from The Body Shop!
Satsuma Body Polish,Satsuma Shower Gel, Shea Hand Cream, Moringa EDT from The Body Shop

It's the first week of July and like always, the sale season is ON! This is the time when I buy a looot of stuff! I mean who does not like to shop a lot during the sales.  

So yesterday I went shopping, after a long time! First, I went to Westside, The rush there was crazy, but, I still managed to get a few things. Then, I headed straight for  "The Body Shop " store in the same mall where I had a some problems with the store manager at my last visit. 

But, thankfully there is a new store manager now and he is really nice and friendly! Now, I will shop at this store! 

The way the staff and SAs behave with me, has such a huge impact on my decision to shop from that store again! 

So what all did I get yesterday from The Body Shop?  Come on, I'll show you!

Moringa EDT –

This is the first perfume I bought from The Body Shop, like ever! I had tried it at a store once and had loved at that time. 

Shea Hand Cream –

I needed one hand cream because the ones I have are almost over now! (Expect a huge empities post soon!) There was only this one hand cream left and grabbed it to get the 20% discount! *eeehahahaha!*

Satsuma Body Polish –

Honestly? I fell in love with the fragrance at the first whiff ( Did I sound stupid !?) and I had to get this. Plus, I needed a mild scrub as my favourite at the moment from SaND  has only two to three uses left!

Satsuma Shower Gel –

This one I bought so that the body polish will have a friend ;) !

Perfume samples –

I got two tiny perfume samples of the Red Musk and the Fijian Water Lotus EDT!

Perfume samples are always a welcome, aren’t they? 

They have a few body mists and perfumes on 40% off right now and you can avail 15% discount for 3 products and 20% when you buy 4!

So, if you have to get some products from The Body Shop, now would be the time to rush to the store!

Happy sale shopping Sunshines!
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