Bye Bye Bad Smell! Hello Flowery Fragrance !

I have repeated over and over and over again here on the blog while writing reviews that my nose is a very susceptible instrument ( Did I just make my "Nose" sound like an electronic device! Hmm! ).

I mean I am very particular about fragrances and smells, so particular that I can not tolerate the irritatingly strong perfumes and don't get me started about foul smells!

And, when you are staying in a room with two strangers ,who do their own "thaang" all the time you have to take measures! Oh yes! A girl gotta take some measures ;).

Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE "
Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE "

I can NOT tolerate damp smell and my room these days smell damp, courtesy of my roommates. And right when I was thinking of buying something to aid this problem (i.e. when I was thinking of what "measure" to take) Blogadda sent me a bouquet of flowers! Well, technically not a bouquet, but something, that makes my room smell like it has a bouquet kept somewhere!

Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE "

Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE "

Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE "

I am talking about Ambi Pur Air effects, which really freshens up my room  with two sprays and a few extra sprays makes my room smell all flowery for a long time!

The best part about it that it makes all the damp smell go away and I am so thankful for that !

So, let me tell you a little about Ambi Pur Air  Effects " BLOSSOM & BREEZE ".

The fragrance is a very mild floral fragrance with a touch of fresh , aqua notes! It last for quite long and it nullifies the bad odor and keeps my room fresh.
The packaging is a delight to look at with all the pink flowers on it. This is not exactly an aerosol spray, it sprays the liquid directly with a push of the trigger. It takes a little time to settle but that's all!

Price for 275g is 250 INR and I can totally pay this because it aids my problems and it does not have that kind of smell which give me a headache( Most of the " Room fresheners" do!)

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley at BlogAdda in association with Ambi Pur.
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