Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that after shifting here my hair has gone all dry and extremely frizzy. 

After using both the Shampoo and the conditioner from Garneir Fructis I must say that I have seen a few developments. I will list them below but a few things which I had expected was not fulfilled by the combo. 

Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge
Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge 
Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge
Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge , shampoo
Outcome of the 30 Day #HappyHair Challenge , Conditioner

To be fair my expectations were pretty hair and complicated and whatever one might say, a shampoo and a conditioner can not do anything for split ends. 

So let's see how my experience has been with the challenge and the good and the bad after using these. 

I like the smell a lot, the shampoo does not foam up a lot and if you have oily scalp then you will need a lot of shampoo to properly clean your scalp. 
I like the conditioner as this is the first conditioner I have used which can be applied on your scalp as well and it works!

Now let's see the good and the bad :

Good - 
Hair looks shiny and feels soft.
More manageable after using this.
Hair smells really nice for the whole day after washing.
Frizz has decreased considerably. 

Bad -
Hair looses volume. 
Hair gets all limp after 2nd day
Doesn't do anything for the split ends
No effect on the hair fall. 

Will I buy this again? I might. 
Am I happy after the challenge ? Yes, My hair is better than before. 

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