Optimism is the key !

What is it that makes you sad or angry or irritated?? For me negativity around me is the only one thing which induces all these feeling into me, all at once! Yes, ALL of these feelings at once!

If there is one thing that I have in my life, which is constant,I would say it is  positivity or one can also call it Optimism. Trust me even I am stunned sometimes at the amount of optimism I have or at my capability of identifying the optimistic things around myself.
It is in the simple things of life. 

A glass of water when you are thirsty, sun rays playing hide and seek with the clouds, flowers blooming under harsh rays, a light breeze when you get out of a stuffy room; these are very simple things but, the effect they have on us are long lasting and can make a person’s day. 

I think if you start a job with a negative attitude then there is a very high chance that you will not succeed in that, you might think differently but I think optimistic approach to anything is extremely important; Especially, if you want the outcome to be a positive one. Good things come out of good things only , one of my teachers used to say this again and again. 

Imagine if you are tired and returning from work and you get all negative about the traffic you are going to face while going back home then you are going to end up frustrated, irritated and even more tired.  But then again, there is another way of looking at the traffic when you are tired and that does not take much effort. 

Talk to a person while you are stuck in traffic, we all lose touch with our friends and we sometimes think about them but in the race that life is, we forget to give them a call. Pick up that phone; call that person you have been meaning to and talk! See, not so much of effort and in turn  you can make two people happy. 

Or if that is not what you want then make a playlist for this and listen to it when you are stuck! I do that! 

Being happy or at least trying to be happy is the main key to be optimistic in your life.
Since optimism is an integral part of my life I can say that my approach to everything is optimistic. If I look at a house and I know that for now that is not something I can have I look up at it again and think “I will have it someday”. Being confident about anything you want makes achieving that easier along with the optimistic attitude! 

The attitude you have towards anything is the most important! Be positive and you will be able to see good things everywhere.

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