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Whenever you are taking chances for something aren't you a little worried the first time ??
This time for me was getting a few things shipped from outside this country; I had all sorts of doubts about paying customs etc. But I got my things delivered.

Today I am talking about shopping from, and they ship from Singapore so I was thinking that I would have to pay something . 

I wanted to buy some unique stuff for myself and I did just that when I got the opportunity from them.

They have a wide variety of products. From clothes to accessories, they have a lot of cute stuff. But when you are ordering clothes do take care of the size.

Let’s see how my experience has been with them:

I ordered a skirt, two earrings, one bracelet and two rings.
The order took almost 50 days to reach me, to be honest I thought that I would not receive it, But I eventually did (actually I personally did not), I came to Bangalore and then it was delivered at my home in Kolkata.

But I can say this much that at the price I got all these, it is worth the wait.
Once I get hands on these I will do an OOTD, especially with the skirt! I loved it!
The quality of the products are okay , not very high quality. But at the price it is pretty decent.

I got the skirt for 6 dollars which is in less than 400INR! So that is a pretty good deal!

Would I recommend shopping from this website?

Yes, I would. But you will need a PayPal account or credit card to shop. And you need to have a lot of patience for your products to arrive. They also ship free worldwide, so if you even want to send a gift to someone, this is good option.

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