Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition #HappyHair Challenge

Hey everyone!
I have taken up a challenge and that too exactly when I needed to. After shifting to Bangalore my hair texture has deteriorated drastically. Anyways my hair type is a very weird combo. I have a really oily scalp and extremely dry hair, so I have to take extra care of my hair . But when I shifted from a humid place to a dry place , it affected my hair.
I was trying to find out a shampoo that suits my needs and this challenge was a perfect way to find out.And that is why when Garnier approached me I seized the opportunity. 

The condition of my hair currently is very bad right now and I am hoping that my hair quality gets better , even a little bit will do!

My hair concerns at this point of time:
1.Split ends , very few but present
2.Dry hair
3.Limp hair 
4.Unmanageable hair

Thankfully hair fall is not a very big problem for meat this point in time. 

So to sum it up my hair is in a very bad state right now and I am hoping that after a month I will be able to happily say that my hair condition has improved. 

Keeping my fingers crossed!
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