Oriflame "The One" Eyeliner stylo in Blue review and swatch

Do you face the problem of different wingtips while trying to achieve that perfect wing tip for both the eyes when you want to apply winged eyeliner with liquid eyeliner? 

Well, I do face the problem. It would be a great day when I get the wingtips on both the sides’ right! Oh! I am very serious! 

But, I can say that it is much, much easier to actually get similar wings with an eyeliner pen. I am going to tell you today about an eyeliner pen from Oriflame’s new range “The One”.  Eyeliner Stylo in Blue.

Let’s get on with the review. 

Packaging: - it has a sleek pen like packaging and has a felt tip for the application.

Color: - The color is supposed to be a blue color but it is more black than blue. It is a dark midnight/navy blue which appears to be black. It has a slight glossy finish.

Felt tip: - The felt tip is pretty easy to use , it has a very thin tip which can be used for precise line. 

Longevity:- Now this is really impressive, it stays for a really long time without budging. It doesn’t even wash off with water and it takes a little hard work with makeup remover. It dries quickly too. 

My experience:-

It is a nice product but the only problem I face is that it leaves a stain even after being removed with makeup remover. So that is really bad, because otherwise I like this product. This is a pretty big con which outweighs the pros!

So, I would not recommend this eyeliner, only because of the staining.

Price:-499 INR (look out for offers)
Quantity: - 8 ml
Rating: - 3/5

Which one do you prefer? Eyeliner pens or liquid liner?

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