Semptember 2014 empties || My first empties post

Semptember 2014 empties || My first empties post

At times I think how we all spend so much on things we do not require of want! We all have something lying somewhere in the house which we bought during the compulsive shopping spree :P.

But I have decided to empty all the things and then buy whatever I want need , and that is why I will write empties post at the end of every month and keep tabs on what I am using :D.
And you can also re- view the reviews done by me and save some of your money! Nice isn’t it!?
So here goes my first empties post for September 2014. 

Semptember 2014 empties || My first empties post

Shalimar coconut oil – Coconut oil is a staple for me. Hair, skin, nails I use coconut oil for a lot of purposes. I like Shalimar coconut oil, but right now I am using parachute.
 After that I might buy this again.

TRESemme split remedy shampoo- I have been meaning to write the review of the shampoo and conditioner of this range but I ended up deleting the pictures and everything  and did not want do that again because this is not impressive. This was a sample for a contest from indiblogger.
I will not buy this.

Semptember 2014 empties || My first empties post

Lakme nail polish remover - I am sure every Indian girl has used this. (read the full review here )
I will buy this again, but I am thinking of trying the Sally Hansel nail polish remover.

Lux white impress body wash - I love the fragrance of this body wash, but it dries out the skin a bit. (Read the full review here).
Not buying this right now, but might buy it again due to its fragrance.

Lotus  herbals whiteglow deep cleansing face wash - As far as whitening is concerned, I cannot say that it works but I like the face wash.  (Readthe full review here )
I might buy this again.

Semptember 2014 empties || My first empties post

So, finally after almost a month of being on a shopping ban I have finally gained a control over myself! and I am so happy about not spending unnecessarily!

Right now I am so much in a mood to have momo!

What have you been doing this month?!  

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