My experience at The Four Fountains spa || take some time out to relax

Every one of us wants to relax every now and then. For some listening to music is their daily relaxation, for some reading a book after a hectic day is relaxing and for me being in a dark room with essential oil (mostly lavender oil :P ) burning is the way to relax and take things off my mind.
But these are some things we do day to day after a tiring day. What do we do on a long term basis?

Pamper ourselves! It can mean anything! Shopping, long drive or maybe a spa day!?
For those who might go for a spa day, I have some good news! You can relax and you do not need to spend a bomb! 

If you are from Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore or Delhi then you can have access to the lovely facilities of The Four Fountains Spa, within a budget!

I went to their spa this week, just after the Durga Puja, the one located at Shakespeare Sarani (opposite Rani Birla college near Camacstreet ) and had a wonderful pampering session!

Th welcome drink

Just when I entered the spa, a fresh aroma of lemongrass hit my nose and I started feeling at home! (After lavender, I mostly use lemongrass and peppermint! Hehehehe) 
The staffs of the spa are friendly and they will guide you to choose the therapy that would be best for you. There are 4 categories to choose from like beauty, immunity.

After a few minutes of my arrival, I was served a small glass of orange squash (hmmmmmmmm) and given a wet tissue.  After I settled on what therapy I want I was escorted to my individual room by my therapist. 

The waiting area has these wooden beads

I opted for Swedish massage with wintergreen oil, but I wanted to try out their scrubassage or a body wrap but sadly both were not available. Now, this was a bit of a disappointment. 

They said they had exhausted of the stock due to the Puja rush, even after restocking twice, but I think if someone goes to the spa to avail a particular therapy, and the spa is out of stock for that therapy, then that someone would be upset about it!

I liked that they cross checked with me, if I am comfortable with the fragrance of wintergreen oil or not.
Well, that said, I opted for something good that would help me relax. 

After being escorted to my room I was shown the locker where I could keep my belongings and I was provided disposable undergarments. The therapist asked me to change into those and call her by ringing a bell when I am done. And yeah, the therapists are always of the same gender

sorry for the low resolution images

I had also opted for add on head massage which was for 15 minutes. She started with the head massage and the next 1 hour 15 minutes was pure bliss! My therapist was very well trained and she kept checking with me if the pressure and everything was okay for me or not.

After my therapy was over I took a shower in the bathroom attached with my room, they provide body wash and shampoo, but unfortunately my bathroom’s drain was blocked!

And I was provided a hair dryer after that (but you have to ask for that, if you need)

After the massage I was given a cup of green tea and I left the spa with a relaxed and happy smile on my face! I had a bit of pain in my right shoulders before the massage and I felt relaxed and the pain reduced a lot. 

I slept like a baby after I came home. :P 

I liked:-

The courteous staff
Trained therapists
Atmosphere of the spa and particularly the room (pin drop silence! Not something you get easily)
The décor
The Therapy itself
The availability of shower cap/ hairdryer
The welcome and after therapy drinks
The price
Same gender therapist
Dimly lit rooms
Pocket friendly options

Did not like:-
The unavailability of many therapies
Only two spas in Kolkata 

Well, I would recommend you to visit the spa and I am planning on taking my mom with me the next time, but I would definitely check if they have everything or not.

And make sure that you make an appointment for your convenience only.
All in all, the four fountains spa in Kolkata is a very good option for pampering yourself within a budget and I would recommend the Swedish massage as well (it is really good!)

The service provided to me was complimentary, but my opinion is honest as always.

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