The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And Wheat- Part 16

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“The cells were not like this in those bollywood movies” Cyrus thought about all the action movies he had seen with the heroes going into jails.

He had his eyes closed. He kept his eyes closed always, while being the cell. Because when he was going to the grocery store he had closed his eyes while walking towards his car, breathing in the cool night air and relaxing his mind. And then he found himself lying on the floor of this cell of the Mumbai police station with fragments of what had been going on!
He remembered nothing, nothing at all, except for the occasional loud noises.

It was a fine normal day and he was going to buy a few things he needed from a nearby store. As he went out, suddenly everything blacked out and everything else after that was just a blur.
Cyrus was confused about everything, was continuously being asked about a lot of things related to drugs! And he knew nothing about it!

But then too, here he was, sitting in a damp dark cell, knowing nothing about what he was guilty of!
And his thoughts were funny enough for him in this situation to make him smile.

“I still think I am part of a reality show and these people are fake police and these are just sets” he smiled.
“But why would they keep torturing me and ask me of these drugs, if this was a show” he looked up at the black ceiling of his dark, damp cell after finally opening up his eyes to look around him.

Because he was done tiring his brain by thinking about the blur and beating himself up for no mistake of his own!
He heard footsteps approaching towards him and felt a chill go down his back. He was already scared but suddenly he started feeling even more scared, as if someone had changed the volume to full!

 When he heard the voice of the person approaching he realized that it was the ACP. And he understood that he being here after a trial of escaping must have made him a suspect, but he would have to stick to the truth he knew, that he was innocent of what he was being accused of.
He closed his eyes again as the ACP walked in and stood in front of him.

For the next few minutes all he could hear was laughter of a couple of men and he could guess what was coming next.

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