A comma not a full stop !

You must have noticed that in the last two three months I have always once or twice mentioned that my college days are going to finish. 

Well, now it has. After the exams were over i was down with 102 degrees of fever for almost a week in the hostel but, Right now I am sitting in the comfort of my own house and today I just came back from my college and not to go back again for the next semester. 

This time I don't have a semester in my future , no certainty of what is gonna happen next. now , everything is uncertain, the future is uncertain and for the first time in my life I do not have to rush into making decisions! Somehow i am very calm, I have never been this calm in my life ever !

Though I have been thinking all these days about writing a whole bunch of posts and what will i learn, what will i do, where will i go but right now I just want to take a time out , because I know once i enter the professional life the race of my life will start.So, 
right now 
I am in my "time out " period. I just want to think a lot of things through and craft a lot ! Because for me , nothing calms me down like crafts ! 
You must be thinking why I am writing all these things in my blog. It is simple I just want someone to just listen and not react while I am thinking or writing this.

I will be writing a whole lot of posts that I can promise and most of them are going to be crafts and nail arts :). I have a lot of things in mind and those are soon going to start so stay tuned ! :)

I titled this post as "A comma not a full stop!" , because the end of college is not a full stop , but just a comma in the story of life and I will continue to write the story of my life. When people were leaving college 99% cried , badly. The 1% were very few , 2 or 3 , which included me( one because i am not a cry-baby, and second because I look at "commas" in a positive way). 

My whole life I have been going from place to place, and I have done this sooo many times that departing has become a part of my life and I look forward to things that are yet to happen , not dwell on the things of past. So, now i am ending this post by requesting you to stay with me, with this blog in the future and I promise i will keep you entertained with a lot of stuff!

Thanks a lot for  reading my mindless rambling :).

Take care and have a great day ahead :)

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