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Hey everyone! How are you doing?? These days I am just counting down last few days of college( just a week left ) , I am feeling happy ...

Hey everyone! How are you doing?? These days I am just counting down last few days of college( just a week left ) , I am feeling happy and sad at the same time :D . After all I spent 4 years in a hostel and it holds a special place in my heart! :)

 That is why these few weeks I am not going back home during the weekends. And you might have noticed that I am missing in action, that is because I am spending and enjoying every minute these days J. So I will be back from the next month and will keep you entertained. But before that I have and experience to share! Experience with

You might have read about joy by nature on this blog here, and I told you about their range of products and the site, now it is the time to tell you about their service.
I had ordered 3 face masks ( I had none you see :P ) all organic, two from Khadi and one from Aroma magic , but unfortunately it was out of stock and was not mentioned on the website.

So when I received the package after ordering within 5 days of my order , I was happy, but then got surprised to see only two products from Khadi ( I do not mind if they take a week to deliver but I want the stuff I ordered).

But thankfully that was solved though it took almost another 5 days for a call to come! Their representative called me to tell me the Aroma magic product was out of stock and if I would like to order something of the same value and gave me choices, since I already had a second option I instantly said yes for Vedic line’s papaya face pack.

I was happy with the fact that they called. It took another 5 days for the face pack to arrive, but then again I was happy to receive the carefully packed product.  And all the products were new , that is they were recently manufactured.

I personally don’t mind if the delivery time is within a week because I am shopping online and I don’t want a person to be fully responsible for a product to reach me within 2 days( I think that is kind of inhuman) I’d love speedy delivery but I am okay with slow delivery. They have an option where you enter your pin code and a tentative delivery time is told.

All in all I am happy with their service, though not extremely satisfied. 

And I will buy from them again as they have amazing products. Though It would be better if they keep a track of the out of stock products.

I will soon be reviewing these three products. And also share some more pictures when I get home :).

Till then stay happy , enjoy! while I go and study right now ! 

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  1. Just checked Looks like Nice Website..
    Will try it someday..

    Nicely Reviewed Bebe!

  2. Must try out the website!

    And Priyanjana, you are most welcome to meet all of us Kolkata bloggers! Inbox me on my Facebook page: and we'll take it forward from there!
    Great to connect with you! :)

  3. i think more than the website, its khadi product which is to be blamed. though i have quite good experience with khadi products, it's quite a headache to order them online. i have tried out with some other online retailer and situation is same as u explained.
    may be u order some other brand's product and check the service

  4. College days are the best days! You enjoy the last days...Seems like a great website with a great service...will definitely check them out! :)

  5. Website looks nice...will definitely try it out dear :)

  6. hey! nice post! will check out the website soon

  7. Enjoy your break.. this sounds nice, will check out :)

  8. Surely will chk the website soon :)
    Thanks for the info :)


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