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Hey every one ! how are you doing !??
Crafty Recap Volume.1 | { Bookmarks }, moonshine and sunlight
 A new month has started and this is the fourth month of this year and again I am being reminded that my college is soon going to be over ! 
Well, I wanted to start a new series on my blog and I thought why not recapitulate all the things I have done on this blog !
 So the series "CRAFTY RECAP"! I will be posting one every month starting from this month or when I have enough to actually do a recap post :D.

This month's series will consist of all the bookmarks I have made and also most of them are tutorials ! So click on the picture or the title to see the full post/tutorial! I have already done a recap in January which was in general of a few crafts :). If you want to check those out click here

1. DIY Recycled bookmark

This was the first tutorial I made ! With the crappy phone camera , in my hostel! and I still use these Bookmarks!Recycle some of the old covers lying around and have fun!

2. DIY Button bookmarks 

This also is a tutorial on how to make simple yet extremely cute bookmarks in a matter of few minutes ! Follow the simple tutorial and whip a whole lot of these cuties!

3. Portable Classic ribbon bookmarks

This is the portable version of the original Classic ribbon bookmarks we can find in old books. Just because this is portable you can use it with any book you want ! There is a tutorial step by step in one picture !

4. Origami Corner bookmarks

This too is a tutorial , step by step on how to make these awesome bookmarks ! 

5.Free printable "Book lover" bookmarks

This is the first free printable on this blog ! there are three different bookmarks which you can print and enjoy !

 These are the few bookmarks I have made and I hope all the tutorials help you make yours! Do let me know the ones you like and will be trying out !

Will be back with this Recap the next month again and may be with rings ! :D

I would really love to know what kind of tutorials you would like to see here on Moonshine and Sunlight ! :)

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