Tri color mosaic nail art

Tri color mosaic nail art
Holla girls!

It has been quite a long time I am doing nail art on my own nails and slowly starting to get comfortable with experimenting with my nail colors. Though I am still lacking nail art tools and learning some new things. 
Today I am sharing a different kind of nail art from the others I have done. I did mosaic nails today using a paint brush.

I have used the colors 

Revlon - Mint fizz
Maybelline Colorama Sexy 
Avon nail wear pro - Absinthe 
Maybelline Colorama Black
Maybelline Color show Crystal clear 

I was very happy with my nail art when I did it at night ,but when I woke up I was heart broken when I saw bubbles on my accent nail and thumb nail. 

Tri color mosaic nail art

Tri color mosaic nail art

Then I realized that this happened because Colorshow crystal clear is not a quick dry top coat. The first picture is what it looked like when I made it. Sorry , for the picture quality as I had clicked it with my phone camera. 

In the above picture you can see the bubbles. The bubbles are mostly formed on the nail colors with shimmers , i.e. on Absinthe and Mint fizz.

Tri color mosaic nail art

Tri color mosaic nail art


And then suddenly my cuticles are being effected by the weather and are looking really bad ! I need to take care of them ASAP! I will be posting a few dos and don't s of nail art in a few days ! Stay tuned :D 

Will be back soon with an awesome DIY :D.

Did you like the nail art ?? Do you have any problem while doing your own nails ??

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