Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review
We always want to do something keeping something in mind , some motive , some way to deviate your mind , some way to get fit , anything , we always have some kind of motive ! Like when I started to blog about my crafts , nail arts etc , I wanted to make new friends from different walks of life , living in different cities , countries ,meet new people ! After a few months I can say that I have made a few friends and this is just the beginning! :)
And I am very happy about it! :D

So , today I am going to review a prize I won in a giveaway :D, actually I won this along with two other fabulous things ! You can check them out here and I have reviewed the eye shadow already  here. Today it is turn for the eye liner! This post had been pending for a long time :D.

Lakme Absolute shine line in Smoky Grey! This is an awesome liner as an alternative to black!

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review

 And sometimes just a little pop of color on your eye lids is really necessary at times and applying eye shadow always is a bit tiring!
I like the shades from Lakme I have another shade which I will review after this.

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review

Package:- The box is a sleek black and silver box which I like very much sassy and classy altogether. The shine line bottle is a plastic bottle. The container, the cap is plastic so very easy to carry lightweight and the container is transparent so the color is also clearly visible. The cylindrical bottle is very sleek and small. 

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review
Brush:- The application is very smooth and easy due to the long handle of the applicator and a very fine and smooth brush . The brush literally glides over your lids leaving a rich opaque color. Awesome brush for drawing precise lines.

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review

 Color:- A gunmetal black which is a great alternative to black , as the shine is “shine-y” not glittery , which makes this my favorite alternative to black.

Product:- The consistency is just right glides smoothly so easy to apply, dries very quickly so no time to make any mistake! Stays for quite a  long on me. Almost 12 hours easily! 

Lakme ABSOLUTE shine line in Smoky Grey review

So, I would recommend this to those who like to try some different alternatives without going overboard and are always in a hurry or don’t like giving much time to make up ! :D

I like :-

  • The subtle glimmer
  • The subdued yet beautiful color
  • Precise application due to the brush
  • Not waterproof ( I don’t like water proof makeup !)

I don’t like:-

  • Dries very quickly
  • Slowly starts to get flaky after almost 10 hours.
  • Not much detail on the pack of the liner.

Price:- 300 INR
Quantity:- 4.5 ml
Rating:- 4/5 

Have you used this? Or any other color? What do you think about this liner? Let me know in the comments ?? And on my nails I have this nailart :)

And yeah , I just got myself a Givenchy L’intense !!! Want me to review the perfume ??!! please let me know . :D
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