Simple "Merry Christmas" wallpaper free

Today it is 21st of December and and I couldn't be more happy as this is my favorite time of the year!

Simple Christmas wallpaper free download

The spirit of Christmas and New year makes every day fun and Lively ! Check out more for a freebie.

As I have already mentioned in the "festival called life" for December , that I love to share the happiness and excitement with  my family and all of my friends.
And since this is the first December and also the first Christmas of my sweet blog I would love to give you a very simple yet cheerful gift !

My gift to you would be two simple yet very very cute wallpapers , completely made with the high spirits of  Christmas.

The cheery red is the best thing for me , so I give you these two wallpapers.

The one shown here can be downloaded from here , click here .
And the surprise one is linked here below

Download them and adore your desktop :)

Do let me know if you want them for your iPhone :)
I hope these are in time for you to keep up your holiday spirit :D

Enjoy your last days of 2013 cause no matter what the same dates will never repeat themselves! Make the most of it !

If you like these , you can check out some more free wallpapers here.


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