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The guardian angels by Rohit Gore , is filled with them.

Read on to know the book!

The book claims to be a story of two star crossed lovers  who belong to very different backgrounds.

This is basically a story of a girl and a boy of different economical backgrounds with a twist ( which I like ) with their fates entwined.

stark would be the right word to define the differences between their characters. But I like the fact that the book is true to it's name "Guardian Angels".

Unfortunately to me it didn't seem to be much of a 'love story',it's just a story of two people who stick together because of their fate and some very unfortunate circumstances force them to.

I finished the book within a few hours which is usually  the case, if I don't like a book very much. I hurriedly finished this book off, which I found out to be quite

As far as the actual story is considred, It is really really tragic and really sad throughout.

I liked the story, but I would like to tell people that , Do not read this book with a mindset that this is a love story or even a light hearted story.


the bottom line for me is that the story is good but extremely gloomy and with lots and lots of tragedies and with very few bits and pieces of light- hearted writing punched in
 ,as far as the writing is concerned Rohit Gore has done an outstanding job.

What I didn't like about the writing was that a few portions were very ambigous and I felt the story was  revolving around the same topic for a long time ,

on and on
and with no final result out of it.

What I liked in this book is half of the book is written half in form of a diary entry.

I  am kind of clueless right now because I don't know what exactly I should call this book apt for,

maybe when you are sad and want to get your mind off from it  , this might help you a lot take your mind off your own sorrows and think about someone else's!

My verdict - wonderful writing , but unfortunately monotonous story , but all over a different one !

I got the chance to review this book , as a I won this book on a giveaway held on

I started clicking the pictures as soon as I received this !

Thanks to Tanya!

Hope you find my review helpful !

No offense meant to anyone or anything.

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Enjoy !
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