Pandal hopping Part one | Moonshine and sunlight

Hey there everyone!

On the 4th of this month the auspicious festival of Navaratri started, on 4th according to Bengali beliefs it was the 1st day of devi paksh and start of 10 days of  Durga Puja.

Here in Kolkata, the preparations start 1 month before the Puja. The constructions of pandals start too. And these have extravagant budgets.

Today, On Panchami, That is on the fifth day, I went out for ‘pandal hopping’ in south Kolkata.

As, usual found out that the whole city was decked up for the festival.
Each and every pandal was lovely and artistic in its own way.

I like the conventional Durga Idol, but here I am giving the photographs of the most artistic ones I saw today.

    Hope you like these!

I picked these six out of over 20. 

The next part due for tomorrow! Let me see what I come across 

happy panchami !
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