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When was the last time that you controlled your urge to but something which was literally shouting out  "Buy me" !?

Well I don't ! because this beautiful and absolutely stunning ring with the stunning blue stone set in a silver frame is what I bought and I couldn't control anymore and finally (I have controlled many times before this one) gave up !

I just couldn't believe that it had tiny golden specks in it ! And the stone is all natural

well enough about the ring now ;)

read on to know the solution!

The problem here was that I couldn't try out the ring while buying and ended up with a bigger size than that of my fingers ! (what could I have done the stone was one and only)

I had to fix the problem because the ring was slipping off and Unfortunately was not adjustable!

So finally I fixed the problem with the help of a paperclip and Satin ribbon !

And how ? I have described that here

You'll need :

A thin satin ribbon ( The one I used was 0.6 cm wide)

A paperclip (optional)

Hot glue /Fewikwik ( optional )


1.Measure how much approximately how much do you need to adjust
according to that decide the length of the ribbon you are going to use .

Step 1 and 2

2.At the back side of the ring start wrapping the ribbon tightly till you have a bump.

3.Use the paperclip for wrapping the ribbon if you want by attaching it to the other end of the ribbon ( this is to make the wrapping process faster and easier ), but you can also do it without this.

Fix in a pin

Wrap it , like so 
4.Keep on wrapping , while wrapping spread out the ribbon throughout half the ring (which stays on the inside of your palm ) so that the ring fits snugly 

How it should look 

5.You can glue the layers if you wish to but I think that it's unnecessary , because I did that for another ring and found out that it is the same if you do or don't use glue.

6.In between the wrapping process make a loop and pass the ribbon through that loop to make a kind of knot ( I am sure it has a name but I don't know that). see the picture 

7.Knot that tightly then continue the wrapping till you have your perfect size!

lastly make that "loop knot " again at last (as shown here ) to end the ribbon and glue the end with the rest of the wrapping 

aaaaand you're done!

All you got to do now is

enjoy and flaunt your ring !

This sounds a little lengthy but the actual thing takes hardly 3-4 minutes.

Hope this helps you with all your compulsive buys too!

Would love to hear from you in  the comments 

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