DIY Ribbon Hair band holder tutorial

Hello friends! Hair bands are my new obsession right now, and ribbons were always there on the list but  suddenly, like I posted earlier,...

Hello friends!
Hair bands are my new obsession right now, and ribbons were always there on the list
but suddenly, like I posted earlier, I fell in love with hair bands this season and ended up with a load of these!!!

Since I have a thing of keeping things organized , I made a holder for hairbands myself , and I am sharing the tutorial with you! Hope you like it! 

Things you'll need
So you'll need-

  • 1 inch broad, 2 meters of ribbon
  • A pair of scissors
  • An old ring or a key chain's ring (wrap it up with scrap fabric if you want to, like I did here)
  • 1 meter of bokram  (the white strips)(optional)
  • A small strip of the fabric you are using
  • 2 rectangular pieces of fabric (your choice of the length),But one must leave 1 inch more from all the sides.

Now lets start- 

Place the fabric and the bokrom as shown above.
The bokrom has to be ironed so that it sticks and makes the frame strong.

Iron the bokram

Now place the smaller piece like I have and iron it once again.

Now make the strip 3/4 inch wide(mine is )
and wrap around the ring

Wrap the ring 
Now comes the sewing part
Sew the whole thing with the larger piece enveloping the smaller one like a hemline  

Sew the 'Holder' at the back of the frame

Now the ribbons

Place the ribbon along the length of the frame
Forming a loop
place one under another

 Now sew the lower portions and make the loops permanent

Hang it wherever you like and organize the headbands/hairbands accordingly

let me know how yours turned out


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  1. Really interesting article.I think you have more creative ideas.
    Hope you will share more ideas.

  2. Yup for sure will do !!
    thanks :D

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    1. Thanks will do!!
      It has helped me (your site)

  4. interesting and interactive. which i had the time to follow up and prepare my own hairband holder. checkout

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    2. Thank you
      i am glad you found it helpful!!
      Already checked out :D

  5. Great article! :-) and cool blog too. A very helpful one to everyone :-)
    Keep the good work up :-)

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  6. Nice article Loved it <3

  7. What a great idea! I wish I had a few hairbands so I could store them this way lol. Love your blog - am gonna read all posts one by one :D thanks for dropping by on my blog.

    1. Thank you soo much !!
      don't worry you can also store necklaces

  8. Very creative idea!! Loved the way you shared tutorial with all images.

    1. Thank you !!
      this really helps me to sort out my hair bands!!phew!

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