I am getting attracted towards dresses these days , a lot,  and particularly skater dress!...

I am getting attracted towards dresses these days , a lot,  and particularly skater dress! So when I saw this skater dress with the lace detailing in my favorite color, I just had to get it! I love how puffy the skirt of this dress is and it’s great for all those twirling slow motion videos I want to record! The dress is perfect for the times you feel like dressing up all girly! 

This dress is from a European brand called “The Vanca” and more from the brand is available on They have a  lot of other things apart from dresses at budget friendly prices. The Quality of the dress is pretty good and for the price, I’d say pretty decent!! 

I didn’t wear any accessories with the dress because the dress alone completes the look! But I did wear a floral tiara, if that counts!

Flowers are always the easiest way to decorate anything and any place! Yourself, your house, a park, a garden, all can be adorned with flowers and there is nothing that can beat the simplicity and beauty of flowers.  I wanted to do something with flowers this time, so I thought of using petals of different flowers instead of just one. Why not? Because every flower has a unique feature!

I believe every flower is beautiful. Like every woman; Multiple petals, different colors, beautiful, layered and delicate that is how I would describe a flower and women, in general. Every woman is as strong as an old tree but also delicate as a flower. I know we are sort of complex. But then, where is the fun in being “not complex” !  A shout out to all the ladies reading this, YOU rock!

 Floral Tiara - Garihat 
Red Skater dress - C/O The Vanca x 
Be delicate, be strong, be whatever you want. 

Loads of love , 

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  1. That dress indeed is so pretty and you look fab!

  2. Lovely dress! Looking great on you.

  3. OMG...So pretty dress and gorgeous you!

  4. Lovely dress.. great shade and lace detail.. you look cute dear

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