Gillette Venus Blogger's Meet | #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge

Last Tuesday, I went on a journey across the city (no seriously! ) to find out some answers, To bust some myths and learn something new. (Fairy tale- y enough till now?? hahaha :P) 

Gillette Venus organized a meet up for bloggers to bust some myths about shaving and it indeed was great session with one to one chat with Dr.Rashmi Shetty, a renowned aesthetic physician. She addressed a lot of concerns related to shaving that we all had. Radhika Pandit, an actress from the Kannada film industry, was also present at the event and shared her experience with the Gillette Venus razor.

A lot of us asked questions related to our concerns. Some of them were like -
1. Will my hair grow out thicker if I shave?
2. Should I shave ingrown hairs?
3. Can facial fuzz hair be removed using shaving?
4. Will the skin become dark if I shave regularly?
5. How often should one shave?
After the session I got to know that, the hair will not come out thicker than your actual hair if you shave (Myth #1 - *boom*). Ingrown hairs can be removed with shaving. Facial fuzz can be shaved but it is not highly recommended. The skin will not become dark if a proper razor is used. The gap between shaving sessions depends entirely on your hair growth and preference. 
Also a lot of dos and don’ts were discussed, but I am going to save that for the next post! 

DO let me know your queries related to shaving in the comments and I will try my best to answer them in my next post!
A one to one session was also arranged for the bloggers with more queries. I somehow had no questions.  I actually do not have a lot of hair on my body so I have never, I mean NEVER shaved nor waxed!  Just because I am lazy and didn’t want to, plus I didn’t feel I needed to. No other reason at all!

When Gillette asked if I would like to take up the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge, I didn’t decline! Because I wanted to see for myself, how things work out for me.Moreover, Gillette claims that the Venus Razor is painless and very convenient to use.
The kit I am starting with consists of the Venus Razor, Shaving Gel and a few cartridges to go a long way. For more information checkout their app.
I’ll update next Tuesday about my experience with this! So , stay tuned and leave your questions in the comments!
Loads of love,
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