Natural Mask for Damaged and treated hair | Moonshine and Sunlight

Holla ! A teeny weeny bit of Flower power for your hair is what I intend to provide today! As g...

Holla !

A teeny weeny bit of Flower power for your hair is what I intend to provide today!

As girls we all love some kind of flower for sure , I am totally in love with lovely white Carnations and Lilies.

But today I'll take up  red Hibiscus ,as your hair will surely love it!

Damaged ,treated hair needs to be repaired so as to stay healthy. And this is absolutely perfect for the hair damaged due to the harsh summer sun.(the reason I used it )

And this DIY natural hair mask is just the perfect one for repairing your hair.

Moreover it needs just two things

Hibiscus flower and Egg

Steps :
1) Wash and clean out the flowers.

 I used 2 for my medium length hair.

  Make a paste of the hibiscus petals by crushing them , use a mortar pestle for best results.

2) Whisk one or 2 eggs depending on the length of your hair ,separately.

3)Mix very nicely the egg and petal paste , and you'll see the yellow color of the egg will change to a somewhat whitish grey color.

4)Apply all over your hair not on scalp , but if you do No problems , basically that's your choice.

5)Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo , Do not use a conditioner after that.

the last mix
For heavily damaged hair use it once a week for 4 weeks.

Easy and really effective!

So , let me know how you feel about this mask.
Till then bye bye
take care


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  1. hey you really come up with nice post, thanks for sharing

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks !! I try to come up with some thing new yet effective

  2. thank you for the tips, imma try that and I also use pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair mask which is really good for hair too, leaves mine soft and healthy.

    1. Will try that mask for sure
      thank you
      and welcome


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