Collaboration Policy

 Hello There! 
Thank you for showing interest in working with me. I would request you to kindly read the collaboration terms, to proceed further in our association. 

1. Barter Collaboration
2. Paid Collaboration

Paid Collaboration

 Kindly read through the terms and possibilities in case of a Paid collaboration.

Barter Collaboration 

Kindly read the terms, conditions and deliverables possible for a barter collaboration. 

  • The value of a bartering product/service has to be at least equal to or 1.5x of the charge of a deliverable, that is expected in exchange for a product/service. Example - If the cost of a story on Instagram is 100 Rupees and the product costs 150 Rupees, the deliverable in exchange for that product will be a story and not a post. 
  • With this type of collaboration if you require an Analytics screenshot, Kindly mention the same before an agreement of the collaboration, please note, after the deliverables are done, this cannot be provided. 
  • Approval of content is not possible for this type of collaboration. 
  • A fixed timeline or release date for content is possible with at least 4 weeks of prior notice. 
  • Any request made for extra deliverables after the product has reached me, will not be entertained. Kindly provide a clear understanding of your requirements before the agreement. 
  • Guidelines of what you'd like the content story to show or brand guidelines are requested to be shared for the content if any. 
  • No retake or re-doing of content is possible. 
  • In case there is travel involved, Barter will only be considered for the service/product. The charges of transportation will have to be borne by you, in exchange for visitation charges. For a paid collaboration, the travel and visitation fee is included. 
  • For any personal or skincare product review, please understand that I take a testing time of 2 weeks to be able to review it properly. 
In case of a barter collaboration, if possible I will always try to give more than what is requested from your side, but if you have a set target or content you are looking for, request you to kindly opt for a Paid collaboration. 

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