Ilana Organics Dream blush Review - Lip and cheek tint

Ilana Organics Dream Blush Review

Ilana Organics Dream blush Review - Lip and cheek tint

Blushes are my favorite everyday makeup product, second only to eyeliners! and with all the cat eyes that I have overused my eyeliners with that implies a certain kind of love! Today I am talking about this brand for the first time on my blog. Illana Organics is an Indian brand who have a range of skincare and makeup products. The product we will review is the Ilana organics dream blush which is their lip and cheek tint. 

Ilana Organics is available online in India on most beauty e-commerce websites such as Vanity Wagon, Foxy, Nykaa, Tira Beauty, etc. I received this particular product as a gift from a friend and have been using this on and off for some time now, so I think it is high time for putting up the review on the blog.

Before we go ahead with the Ilana Organics review, I would like to detail the requirements or expectations I usually have from my Blush products. I like my blush to be present and not fade away for as long as possible. I like to put on blush like Japanese or Korean girls do, around and below my eyes, so the blush application has to be smooth and not rough without any tugging required. My blushes have to be buildable so that I can get the desired flush of color I am looking at any day. To sum it up, let's say I am very particular about my blushes. 

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Price and Availability

The Ilana Dream Blush Lip Cheek Tint is available in only one size - a 10ml Pack 

Price varies with discounts at multiple websites. MRP - 720 INR for 10ml as listed on Nykaa (BUY)

Product details

The Dream Blush by Ilana is a lip and cheek tint and comes in a mini tube. This is a cream product and can be used as a cream blush or lip stain. I have not used this as a lip tint as it didn't work well on lips. The cream product dries off in a few seconds so you have very little time to blend it out. The dream blush blends best with fingers instead of a makeup sponge or brush. The cream blush is in fact not that creamy in texture is a bit powdery and dry than what I'd expect it to be.

The color is a beautiful peachy coral color and looks absolutely stunning on my medium Indian skin tone. The product is not very buildable after one or two layers it starts looking a bit dry and patchy. 

The staying power of the Ilana Organics Dream blush tint is decent and stays on as applied for up to 3 hours. 

Ilana Organics Dream blush Review - Lip and cheek tint

Ilana Organics Dream blush Review - Lip and cheek tint

Unique features

I have usually not found a cream blush in tube packaging, which makes it easy to carry and travel with. 


The product comes in a tube and the tube itself comes in a box packaging designed with bright pastel shades and tropical imagery. I quite like the packaging design of the Ilana Organics products, especially their new makeup range. 

The tube has a screw-on cap, but you have to be careful while dispensing the product, sometimes while being carried and in pressure, the product comes out too much and the cap screw absorbs it all and it ends up being wasteful. 

Personal experience

I adore the color of the Ilana Dream Blush and the fact that it is easy to carry, But that is it. I am not a fan of this cream blush or tint however you'd like to call it. This being marketed as a tint warrants the buildability of the product, unfortunately it doesn't work out for me. This feels quite dry when applied to the lips as well, so it didn't work out well for me as a lip tint. 

Overall this Ilana organics tint was a miss for me. I would love to try any of their other products, any recommendations? Let me know in the comments 

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