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Local sparrow online website millet india review

Around 2017, a rage around reintroducing millets into the regular Indian diet as the native grain, provided me the opportunity to learn about native grains and processes around food. Local Sparrow is one of those brands that help me constantly understand about the mindful consumption of nutrient-dense native Indian ingredients and foods, while encouraging me to stay at it because of the easy availability. 

Local Sparrow is a curation of such unique Indian native ingredients that are sourced ethically and made keeping nutrition and quality at the highest priority. 

For the Indian kitchen, Local sparrow is the ideal online grocery shopping destination if you want to keep mindful eating at the center of your food consumption. Millets can be a hard grain to prepare and need a lot of preparation before it is cooked but with local Sparrow and their offerings of millet flakes, it is easy to make a quick and healthy meal, be it for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a quick snack for your children's school. 

I got introduced to millet flakes with the brand, Local Sparrow itself, and these are made of sprouted millets which means the minerals and the nutritional values are even better than that of the unsprouted millets. There is no soaking required before cooking the millets and it is easy to cook these flakes in multiple different ways, that suit the Indian taste palette and recipes. 

Local sparrow online website millet india review

Local sparrow online website millet india review

I got three diffrent types of flakes from the Local Sparrow online store and these flakes are of the millet grains that I actually like already. The reason why I chose these 3 millets is to have fair a comparison in terms of days and quality as well as preparations. 

I will get to what I did with the millet flakes in a second but there are multiple other things that I got from the local Sparrow online store which contribute to a good meal for me every day. Local Sparrow stocks cold-pressed oils and ethically sourced whole spices and ground spices. 

I got two cold-pressed oils from Local Sparrow. A bottle of groundnut oil and Sunflower oil for everyday cooking needs and this was the first time I really, really appreciated the quality of cold-pressed groundnut oil. As soon as I opened the bottle, I could appreciate the fragrance and the freshness of this oil. However, in the case of groundnut oil or any cold-pressed oil you have to take extra care to preserve its freshness for a longer period of time, but it is absolutely worth it. 

These oils get beautifully fragrant when you start cooking with them. Let's have a look at how the experience of shopping with local Sparrow has been for me because as far as the products go they are of 5 star quality.

Online shopping experince with Local Sparrow

The local Sparrow website is extremely easy to navigate and it is very easy to find what you're looking for. As shown below in the picture, from the landing page itself you can find all of the stocked items and navigate to the page to place an order. The entire store experince is quite good. 

Local sparrow online website millet india review

Local sparrow online website millet india review

Local sparrow online website millet india review

Product packaging

The packaging of each of the products is very impressive. The oils are packed in secure glass bottles with thick glass walls. The millet flakes are vacuum packed and in cardboard boxes which are very nicely designed and particularly attractive for children. The packaging overall gives all of the details you need in terms of nutrition and preparation as well as dates. I really like the designs on the packaging, and the brand's story. 


The only factor that I had with them was the delivery of the products. Even though the delivered products were securely packed in recyclable packaging, the first time it took a lot of time to be processed and got returned. The second time it reached me within two days.  The first time the team was in constant touch with me but the issue was with their delivery partner, which they have already resolved. 

So I am hoping that I will continue to have a similar experience as I did the second time. 


I would 10/10 recommend the products from Local sparrow to you. I enjoyed using each and every product from them, although I am yet to try the spices. 

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