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 I say organic review for organic groceries online delivered home for every Indian household

Finding a trusted store that sells high-quality organically grown and sustainably farmed and processed is a bit of a challenge, across the country. I Say Organic is a verified and certified organic online food marketplace I recently found to fulfill all my monthly organic grocery needs, sitting at home! 

I say organic fulfills all the checkpoints on my list when it comes to sustainable consumption. They have multiple procedures in place to verify the source of each item that is listed on the I Say organic website. The 300+ products currently available on I Say Organic are sourced from 13 states across the country and come from farms verified by I Say Organic on multiple grounds to make sure the products are Organic and sustainably grown.

 You can verify each listed farmer and know more about who they are, where your product is sourced from, and what conditions they are grown, from their Know Your Farmer feature and I personally applaud the effort as it relays the transparency to the consumer. For a consumer who is looking to be mindful of their food consumption, this is a piece of great information.

A little about I Say Organic

I Say Organic is a social enterprise that believes in giving people the option of eating safe food (grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides) while recognizing and supporting farmers who grow this food.I Say Organic partners with producer companies and connect farmers who want to grow organic or sustainable with customers who want to buy organic or sustainable.

I had a great time restocking my grocery with a quick shopping spree on their website and here is my review of shopping from I Say Organic. 

I Say Organic website browsing and shopping experience 

It is a very simple interface to browse through and select what you'd like to buy and stock. Since there are multiple categories, which are clearly marked on every page. This is enhanced with featured products displayed in details of various categories to choose from. The search feature anyway helps you directly search for anything you may be looking for, at request. 

So all in all, the purchasing and selecting experience is very visual and helpful for anyone to shop seamlessly on the I Say Organic Website 

Post Purchase Experience 

I was okay with the delivery experience. Since it was a heavy package I expected the delivery to be a bit better. It took almost two weeks for me to receive my entire order, One of the products that I had ordered was a Kanji concentrate and the bottle broke in transit, compromising the packaging overall. 

However, I immediately informed them via the WhatsApp channel where the order information and updates were initiated. The customer support was prompt and initiated a refund for the damaged item. They gave me an option of resending the missing product but I opted for a refund and they were very prompt with it. 

The other glass jars and bottles were intact and perfectly packed, so I was relieved and understood that this one instance was a one-off. 

What did I buy from I Say Organic? 

I restocked quite a few of my staples!
Organic cold-pressed mustard oil in India is hard to find and I found one of superior quality at the I Say organic store and immediately added that to my cart. 
Apart from that I also bought a few varieties of millet which are a staple in my diet, the assurance of the quality was an added bonus. The interesting products I got were some foxnuts snack and garlic salt.  
The top quality seed for my overnight oats is very hard to find, which a guaranteed quality. I got pumpkin and chia seeds at a very reasonable price online at the I Say Organic store and was delighted by the find.
I Say Organic also has pre-mixes available for Dosa and Pancake! I am looking forward to using this as The quality of pre-mixes I have tried previously was not satisfying, this however looks promising. 

Wishlist from I Say Organic 

I definitely want to try out other grains as well - Like their ready flours and rice. Organic vegetables are available only in Delhi at the moment, so even though they deliver almost everything listed on the I Say Organic Website, some items are only for a certain region not for delivery across the country. 

The Entire Snacks and Condiment section is on the Top of my wishlist to buy from I Say Organic along with restocking my groceries. 

I Say Organic Products Reviewed 

Each product is packaged in uniquely designed and branded packaging, which not only makes it look good but also makes sure to retain freshness and quality. I am quite satisfied with each and every product but especially impressed with the Cold pressed organic mustard oil from the I Say Organic Store. 

The Garlic salt is a unique product to me and I quite enjoyed using this to boost the flavor of my foods even more! 10/10 get this from them ! 
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