Spring blossoms, Femininity and its acceptance.

Summer dress looks idea inpso for Indian summer mid size body

Spring, flowers, pastels, dainty jewellery, and flowy fabrics are always associated with a strong yet soft feminine image. An image that I had never before preferred much for anything. For me femininity was associated with being too soft, too easy to trample, and too selfless. Accepting the idea of being feminine, was never something I had considered ever before. But, as I grow, in age and in experience, I can understand the underrated power and strength of femininity and have slowly opened myself up to the idea of it. 

I have started to understand now that it is not about how you look only, it is much more. I am learning. I am learning to embrace my feminine side and it will take time. So, I am starting small by embracing the images associated with it, by reading about it, by trying to be feminine, by observing the experiences and effects it has on your surroundings. 

I will keep learning this, in many ways, as this is like any other process, a long one. Till then I am trying to adopt the most obvious facet of femininity, dressing up in a feminine or girly manner. Delicate jewelry, soft color, and spring sun make my version of the image. Because I want to learn how to feel feminine and understand how being soft and easy to look at doesn't make you weak. 

Let's dive into what I am wearing at the moment - 

Clear glass earrings - Gifted 

Crystal necklace to match the earrings. - Explore or buy here 

Dress - Explore or buy here 

A pastel-colored surplice V-neck dress with a tiered and flowy bottom, perfect for my Apple-shaped or inverted triangle body type. This is one more facet that I am working on accepting, in terms of self-love, accepting my own body, and treating it with respect. 

So here it goes, my summer outfit or call it spring outfit for the midsize body, which I am learning to embrace! 

Summer mint dress outfit idea for apple body type mid size indian blogger
Summer dress idea for Bangalore 

Summer mint dress outfit idea for apple body type mid size indian blogger
Mid-size apple body-type outfits 

Summer mint dress outfit idea for apple body type mid size indian blogger
Mint dress outfit idea

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