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 A lot of us blame hair loss on the wrong shampoo/serum product, hair care or the weather. But did you know hair fall could be because of internal causes and can be a sign of an undetected health concern? Well, I am one of those. Suffering from hair fall for the past year and have listened to hair stylists, and DIY home remedies to try and get the best hair loss treatment suggested by them but nothing helped. Rather it just began to get worse - hair fall and sticky dandruff too. Until I stumbled upon Traya’s Instagram ad. After stalking many good traya reviews, I finally decided to give this a shot and here’s a genuine Traya review from my personal experience.

I have been on the plan now for about 3 months and I haven’t felt the same way since the time I started the treatment. Initially, I only went to them for a free diagnosis test, but the questions were so detailed that I went ahead and scheduled a free call with them. They explained my hair fall condition to me. Never before did I ever think hair fall was that of a severe condition. Turns out I had Female pattern hair loss, stage 2 medically called Androgenic Alopecia. Not just this, they also explained to me how my internal health issues like - my digestion, metabolism were affecting my hair health. After that, they explained the entire treatment plan to me. Like most other brands that I tried - I was expecting just a couple of products. But, going through Traya reviews, taught me that their approach was different. 

They actually use a combination of 3 sciences - Ayurveda, Dermatology and Nutrition to treat hair fall from the root cause. When they informed me about their unique approach, I was hooked. They also understand from you, what are your personal expectations/ hair goals - to reduce dry/frizzy hair, delay greying, increase volume or just hair fall control. Traya reviews made me realise how Ayurveda, even though a time- taking process helps in internal healing and in turn reduces hair fall.

They asked me in-depth questions about some issues mentioned in my diagnosis form (hair test), such as sleep issues, indigestion, hormonal imbalance, and anaemia. They explained how every individual component of the plan was going to help to resolve the problem. Their Gutt Shuddhi tablets are purely Ayurvedic and work on gut detox and improving gut motility. My Traya scalp oil with dandruff therapy was customised as per my dandruff and scalp condition with the goodness of Ayurvedic essential oils. Along with an anti-dandruff shampoo with anti-fungal agents to target and prevent the occurrence of the fungus.

Once you purchase your kit, you are assigned a hair coach. While reading Traya reviews, I had seen people talk so highly about their hair coaches. They guide them throughout the journey and are in constant touch with you to ensure that you stay consistent on the plan. After my first kit arrived, my hair coach, Ishani called me to explain the entire prescription along with the diet plan. The diet plan was really tough to follow - avoid gluten, dairy and more. 

Although I didn’t manage to follow the diet plan thoroughly, she still guided me on how to subtly substitute things in my diet that were aggravating hair fall. She then informed me that according to Ayurveda, a high pitta diet (oily, greasy, fermented, sour, spicy food) can increase the acidic pH of your body. This can increase hair loss and make it difficult for the treatment to work properly. 

Cut short to 3 months later, where my dandruff issue has been completely taken care of. I have an itch-free scalp I would say. I also feel much more energetic than before and have started working out for at least 30 mins in a day. I can also see baby hair growth now. Waiting for my hair growth to start in full swing. This is my genuine Traya review for now. Stay tuned for the next update shortly.

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