Arata Flaxseed, Peppermint and lemon oil Face wash Review

Hey guys! I hope you are doing good. I am trying out a new way to put out more blogposts. So let me know if it works! I have discovered and honestly fell in love with a new Indian zero chemicals brand, Arata!

Today I am reviewing my favourite Face wash of the moment, the Arata Flaxseed and lemon oil Face wash. The best part of this face wash is that it is from an Indian brand. I have been, for quite some time now, conscious about the products that I use. About the contents and where it is coming from and this one checks all my boxes. The Arata zero chemicals face wash has also become a hot favourite of a few friends of mine!

Arata Flaxseed and lemon oil face wash review

Let's get into my three Ps of a product review. Price, packaging and "product" itself.

Price - 575 INR, and totally worth it! BUY HERE, the price of the face wash has increased a bit since I first bought it.

Packaging - It is a standard squeeze-y tube of face wash, non-transparent. I love the minimal design and white aesthetics. I think the design is the same for all of Arata products, be it the Arata lip balm or this zero chemicals face wash.

Product - Now the key thing that has me head over heels! The face wash itself has a thick gel-like consistency and has small granules of mild scrub, I am guessing that's the flaxseed. 

Even though it has a scrub like texture, it is very mild on the skin. The best part of this product is its fragrance. it is so fresh, so, so invigorating that I always only want to use this. The next best thing is the cool sensation on the skin after washing off the product, it really seals the deal. the ingredients are of concern but, after using this for some time now I can say that the arata face wash ingredients are absolutely mild and soothing for the skin.

The fact that it has "no chemicals" is a bit unbelievable to me, but it is not all chemical-y so I am satisfied. 

I will say that this is a must-have for acne-prone and normal to combination skin. Highly recommended.

The Arata face wash is my most used face wash, and I have not been sponsored to say this, guys! I really like it a lot.

Loads of love, 
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