NEW Kerastase Resistance Extentioniste Treatement at BBlunt Mini

Hey guys! I am back with another salon treatment review! If you have been following my Instagram story updates, then you would know that I visited the BBlunt Mini outlet in Kormangala, earlier this month.

My reason was specifically to try out the new product and in salon treatment from Kerastase, aimed at strong long hair! The New  Resistance Extentioniste range from the brand aims at reducing split ends and damage to strengthen the hair and help you grow hair as long as you want.

BBlunt Mini outlet is fully equipped with the products and well trained specialists for a perfect hair spa to strengthen your hair. The new range uses 5 to 6 products overall, depending on your requirements. For me all 6 of the products were required, and that was decided after a thorough consultation.

So here is how the treatment goes-

Shampoo Twice :D


Applying soin no. 2

Soin 2

The shampoo is used twice to get your hair feeling squeaky clean, then it is followed by Soin.No1 on your scalp and soin. No2 on your hair and scalp. and rinsed after 10-15 minutes. Then it is followed by the Masque to give that shine we all want! Rinsed again. and finally the scalp is given a good dosage of the serum therapiste. and that is left on! Before drying your hair a hair serum is applied as a heat protector.

The fragrance of this whole range deserves a special mention! Such a beautiful and delicate fragrance! I have never liked the fragrance of kerastase products before this range to be honest. The claim about this range is that it reduces hair breakage by 99% and split ends by 78% in one salon visit.

Now let's see what my experience has been like after a week. -

My hair is in general quite dry and I could see a visible difference after one time. I did notice slightly less hairfall, but not 99%, which I guess will be the case on continuous usage. My hair still feels quite smooth and soft. The best thing I think I felt after this hair spa treatment was my hair feeling really healthy . 

All in all, after even quite sometime I feel my hair feels great! I think I will go back to BBlunt Mini Koramangala for this hair spa again. You can also get the products for the follow up home care for the spa, from the salon itself! I would recommend you do get fully equipped. 

Let me know your views if you have got this hair spa done or what do you think about the compact yet warm BBlunt Minis! 

Love, Priyanjana
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