5 Colourful Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

The weather may be getting colder, but the clothes are far from boring — cosy doesn’t have to mean frumpy!

This is especially true for autumn/winter 2018. There are lots of different trends you could try, but the most consistent thing throughout all the catwalk shows was colour and lots of it. Now’s the time to be bold, experiment, and think beyond your comfort zone.

Here are the five colourful trends you need to embrace for autumn/winter 2018.

Animal prints 

Leopard print has been popular for years, but 2018 sees animal print expands to zebra, giraffe, tiger... and not just in natural shades. Expect to see bright red, neon pink and warm yellow in the shops this autumn/winter, alongside the classic neutrals we all know and love.
How to wear animal print:
  • Cover up with a coat and jazz up an otherwise understated outfit
  • Make a statement with a smart pair of trousers or even a suit
  • Add touches of animal print to your outfit — think bags, gloves, and scarves
  • Update your shoe collection with a pair of printed ankle boots
  • Wear the same animal print from head to toe, but in different variations, so it’s not too matchy-matchy
Leather dresses

Leather immediately gives you an edge — you’ll love the juxtaposition of wearing a dress that’s both feminine and tough. The cuts are sophisticated, with shirt dresses, midi dresses and pleats all appearing on the catwalks, while bold block colours add a fun twist and stop the look from being too severe.
Silk scarf prints

Outlandish prints aren’t just reserved for scarves anymore. They’ve made their way to pretty blouses, flowy skirts, and pretty silk dresses, all of which can slot into your existing wardrobe with ease. For an extra-loud look, wear silk from head to toe, complete with a matching headscarf or necktie.

“Look at me” shoes

Gone are the days when every part of autumn/winter shoes was black. This year, you can expect shades like electric blue, hot pink, and postbox red.

It might take more effort to put your outfit together when your shoes are so loud, but it’s worth it. Wear monochrome to let your shoes take centre stage, or try a pattern (stripes or florals look good) in a paler colour. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

Patterned capes

They’re dressy and elegant, but by no means plain. Instead, they’re adorned with rich embroidery and vivid patterns in rainbow colours, making them the ideal winter cover-up to brighten your day and keep you warm and cosy.

Make sure the rest of your outfit is simple and let your cape do the talking. Finish the ensemble off with a hat and you’ll look super chic.

Forget coats; this year, it’s all about the cape, and they’re surprisingly easy to wear.

What are your favourite autumn/winter colours? Let me know in the comments!

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