Elixir Shop Acne serum || Review

Been so long since I wrote about a product I am hooked on to! I received this particular one in the April My Envy Box {Full post}. It is from a brand called Elixir Shop and it is an Anti acne serum, although it says acne serum on the packaging. 

Read on to know what I think about it! 

Packaging - 
I love the design. The glass bottle is a sturdy one, it fell down, small dive, and didn't break!! The dropper is very convenient to use. 

Price - 15 ml , 700 INR

Product - 
The product is a blend of essential oil and it smells AH-MAZING!  I love tea tree oil's fragrance and there is tea tree oil in this in abundance. Use the dropper to use the product because you will need a just a little and it is a very light oil, you would want to waste it! 

I am jumping to how my experience has been so far. I have been honestly in love with the serum. I apply this for my active acne as well as acne spots. For active acne, it works very nicely. This soothes the acne and visibly reduces the acne bumps. 

As far as the acne spots go, it takes some time to work on them, but rest assured it works. If you use this since the active acne stage, the mark doesn't really form. It gets absorbed slowly. So let it work it's way into the skin, do not rub it on the acne. 

I wear this under anything I put on my face, and it works fine. The amount of product required is very less, so it goes on forever. I have been using this like crazy, haven't finished a bit! 

Totally recommended guys! Get this for yourself if you suffer from acne. 

Loads of love, 
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