Biryani Cravings Satisfied instantly with Biryaneez Biryani Chicken noodles

Tell me what the one topic of discussion is, all of us Indians get very excited about! Food! Yes, Obviously!
And what is the first food item that comes to your mind, which has been the topic of heated debates amongst friends and families and also has resulted in some broken friendships! Okay so here goes a hint– This dish is made up of many spices {invariably}, rice and a flavoring meat and has multiple variants across India.

I think you can guess it now! BIRIYANI! Yes, I am talking about the food that divides the country with a snap of a finger, but also brings them together, such is the love for Biryani amongst Indians. But then there is one more food item, a quick snack, which all Indians unanimously love! Instant Noodles!
Cause it is super quick to make and delicious and can be had anywhere! Unlike, Biryani. But, if I can tell you that you can make biryani within a few minutes, and satisfy your biryani craving anytime and also have your favorite instant noodles, all at the same time, how awesome would it be!

And it actually can happen now! All thanks to Biryaneez Biryani Noodles!
It is super easy to make, duh! Has 14 authentic spices which makes it stay true to its biryani flavours and it doesn’t really compromise on the flavor on any variant.
Now one might think that with so many spices and this being an instant noodle, the spices might not be cooked properly in the end. These guys have taken care of the same and you will not feel anything like that.

Now making this is super easy. I know most of you would know how to, but let me share once. Don’t make it a soupy noodle, it will lose out on the biryani touch. So to make it work, first boil water in a pan. Then add the noodles, if you feel the water is more, drain it slightly or do it the reverse way. Add water later on, if required.
Add the masala, right after the noodles are in the water. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes and your job will be done! And you will be ready to eat some satisfying, quintessential Indian food.

Now the one I am talking about is a chicken flavor, so all the vegetarians might miss out. But in my defense, there isn’t anything such as a “vegetarian biryani”. Let me know your views about this in the comments guys.

I hope you will give this product a try and let me know. Do share with your friends about this as well. Because after all, {if you don’t cook elaborate dishes} you will be able to say that you have cooked biryani for your meal {wink}, with almost 1/10 th of the effort!

So sit back, and enjoy this anytime biryani noodles at your home, hostel, office or  anywhere you want to just because you can, thanks to Biryaneez Biryani Noodles!
I would love to know if you have tried this unique product, I personally liked it! It is a perfect fusion food. You can also buy these noodles online from Big Basket . Since the product is new in the market and is tasty, it's already running out of stock! So hurry up and get yours today!

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