Hair Spa at home with Himalaya Herbals | Anti-Hair Fall range

Let’s Face it! When it comes to hair, the most common problem you come across is hairfall! You see yourself going through it, your friends cribbing about the same and the brands flashing ads showing how you can stop it! But, do they really work? Is it really helpful to change the products to control hairfall.

I had the same question so I tried out the entire range of Himalaya Herbals’ Anti Hair fall products. I had already tried the shampoo from this range and had been using it, but the whole range was something new! And, plus point is that you can add in a hair spa experience, at home with these products! So, let me tell you what I think of the hair spa at home using these products, as it might be too early to say anything about its effect on hairfall.

The Anti-Hair Fall Oil –
I love how light it feels on my hair and the fact that it does feel super sticky! It also smells great, so a perfect overnight oil. It gets absorbed quickly, but still I let it stay on my hair overnight. Make sure you massage the oil into your scalp!
Now this step is the most spa-y step.

The Anti-Hair fall cream –
You need to massage the cream in well, with the oil on your hair. I do it that way. Take a generous amount of the cream, don’t overdo it though. Massage it through your hair and take your time massaging the cream into your scalp. Next up, take a small towel soaked in hot water. Squeeze out the water, and wrap the towel around your head with your hair in a bunch for a minute.

The steam helps the oil and the product to be absorbed better. Repeat the squeeze and wrap step for 3-4 times.

The Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo –
Now this product, I had been using for a while. I actually notice a little less hairfall when using this. Simply wash off the product using the shampoo, as you normally would.

The Anti-hair fall conditioner –
The conditioner is a bit runny for my liking, but is easy to apply. Apply this through the mid lengths of your hair to the tips. Let it sit for a minute or two. I usually wrap the hot towel in this step as well, for a minute.

Wash off the conditioner and you’re DONE!

I really like the outcome and it’s a quick and easy way to keep your hair healthy!
Let me know if you have tried this at home. I would love to know.

Loads of love,
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