Detox With Typhoo Teas

Detox With Typhoo Teas

We humans have a tendency to ignore the most important things in life. Most of the times we blindly ignore our health, and our food habits.  The very few people, who actually take care of what they eat and drink, are often considered uptight, snobby and what not! Honestly, they are the ones who are sane and know how to take care of themselves! And you know what!? You can take care of your health too, if you just eat and drink right; accompanied with a bit of exercise and detoxes at a set interval, you will be fit and fine! And not snobbish, I tell you!

Now, detoxing your body may be a bit confusing to you, at the moment. But, let me explain a bit and you’ll know how simple it is! Detoxing your body is all about flushing out toxins, increasing metabolism and a couple of different things. There are many ways to flush out toxins from your body and the latest way I tried was, a tea detox, with organic, decaf teas from Typhoo!

Typhoo is an Iconic British Brand with over 110 years of heritage! They have 25+ varieties of premium teas and infusions, out of which about 14 products cater to the health conscious! Typhoo is also the first brand in Indian market to introduce Decaf CTC tea! Keeping in mind the requirement of robust flavours for the Indian palette and regulation in intake of caffeine , this product was introduced. I also love their fruit infusions, but since I was going for Detox, I skipped my blackcurrant fruit infusion.

Green Tea Typhoo

Typhoo chamomile tea

Typhoo Decaf Black tea

Now, using the organic teas, green teas and the decaf tea, I did my week long detox. This was something that my body needed, as a kick start, after a month of unhealthy eating and very poor lifestyle choices! Let me tell you, which teas were used how, by me, during this week of Detoxing with Typhoo.

Jasmine , Traditional Tulsi, Lemongrass Green Tea

Jasmine Green Tea –
An aromatic floral blend of green tea, best consumed around mid-day. I had this after lunch and it was the best pick me up I needed in the middle of the day! Floral blends are usually calming and coupled with green tea, this helps increase the metabolism too.

Tulsi Green Tea –
My most favourite blend from the Green Tea range of Typhoo. A perfect green tea to start the day! The flavour of 100% Tulsi present in the tea is so hearty, that it makes this THE perfect winter morning beverage!

Lemongrass Green Tea –
This invigorating, aromatic tea, according to me, is best had after returning from a day’s work! A perfect “pep-me-up” drink. Or you can also have this, on a day you want to pull an all-nighter {I sort of did that}.

Decaf Distinctive Black Tea –
The Decaf CTC tea is a robust tea; Perfect tea for the health freak, who is also a tea lover at heart. I am not really a black tea drinker with milk, but I liked the flavours of the tea without milk or sugar. Anyone who wants to cut down on caffeine, should opt for this tea, hands down!

Organic tea Typhoo

Organic Peppermint Tea –
This naturally caffeine free tea has a beautiful spicy aroma, accompanied with a refreshing taste. This again is a tea best had, in the evening. A really good mood lifter and that’s all we need after a tiring day, to set the mood to relaxing!

Organic Chamomile Tea –
I am a regular Chamomile tea drinker {Being hyperactive, isn’t great all the time. Need something to keep me calm}, and I am so happy to have come across this naturally caffeine free tea from Typhoo. The mild flavour of chamomile has such a bold body in this tea from Typhoo, that I was honestly impressed by it! I typically have the Chamomile tea in the morning or just before going to sleep. Or whenever I have a headache, chamomile tea comes to my rescue! I am definitely going to stock up on Typhoo’s Chamomile now!

So, with the help of the anti-oxidant loaded teas and light yoga and meditation, I lost about a kilogram within a week. Honestly, even I am super impressed by the teas and what a tea detox can do for someone!

Being healthy is all about making better choices and switching your regular tea with a tea which is loaded with anti-oxidants and no caffeine can make a world of difference!
I would absolutely recommend you all to do a tea detox and Typhoo teas are perfect for that!

Let me know if you have any queries related to this! I’d be happy to help! Write to me at with your question!

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