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Bangalore Fashion Blogger , Pink, Ruffles, Stripes, One shoulder dress

There was a time when I used to immerse myself into story books. Looking for something to relate to, for a world to escape into. As I started working, circumstances changed. The need to look for another world to escape into, took a back seat. But the urge to escape, whenever required, didn’t. That is something I will work on next, but will resume immersing myself into books.

This year has almost gone by! With a few months left for 2017 to end, I am even more hell bent on making this year all about finding what I want from and for myself. This year has been a year of self realizations and love and I’m ecstatic about that!

Believe me, It might look like I have been only talking about myself in the last few posts, but it’s not. I am just trying to explain to you that, if you are confused about what’s going on around you, you have yourself to hold on to. And, until and unless you are clear on what you want from yourself, you will have no idea about the circus you are surrounded with. And Honey, Everyone is just winging it, anyway!

I would love to hear from you people! Know your struggles, be inspired by you! Drop me a mail on priyanjanamns@gmail.com

Bangalore Fashion Blogger , Pink, Ruffles, Stripes, One shoulder dress

Bangalore Fashion Blogger , Pink, Ruffles, Stripes, One shoulder dress
Dress - Spring Break, Bag - Fab Bag, Earrings- Forever21, Sneakers- Koovs 
But, right now, let me tell you a bit about the outfit! It is an outfit post after all! I have already told you about my love for one shoulders and ruffles earlier! Now, it is time to combine all that with other trends of the year, pink and stripes!

This dress was the embodiment of all the four trends, and I was in love from the moment I laid my eyes on this beauty! I styled it with just a simple pair of earrings and wore my favorite golden sneakers {Also worn here}, since white sneakers are too mainstream for me! And that’s all!
I like to keep my accessories to a minimum mostly, but when I want to dress up I go all out. You’ll see those soon!

And remember, everyone is just winging it! Enjoy your life, take your time to find what you want and don’t be too hard on yourself, love! The world is hard enough on you, already!

Loads of love,

The awesome photographs by - Pranshu From OverTheRaw 
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