The Object Of Desire September FabBag

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing good! We have entered the 9th month of 2017 and it seems like the year went by in a blink!

With a new month, comes my monthly post, The review of Fab Bag!  This is the anniversary month of Fab Bag and they have a great bag , like always!

The bag this time is pretty pearl white bag! Let's see what's in the bag!

Seasoul Moisture Matt Lipstick {Full Size : 530 INR} -
I chose the lip shade this time, and honestly I am so excited to give this a try! A true violet color and the boldest color I have right now.

SUGAR Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer {Full Size: 299 INR} -
This polish is a new launch by SUGAR. Happy to receive a full size , as soon as it is launched!

Iraa Instarenew Multi-Action Under Eye cream {Full Size: 490 INR} -
I have a couple eye products right now, this is a reminder that I have to start using those! Super excited to try this!

Tvakh Midas Touch Ultra Nourishing Lip Tint {Full Size: 195 INR}-
I have been using products from Tvakh and I am really loving the products. The color is really unique and I really look forward to using this.

Tvakh CE-Namon Lip Plumper {Sample, 225 INR} -
This seems like an interesting product, let's see how it fares.

Seer Sedative Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body Cleanser {Sample, 72 INR} -
Jasmine and orange is a unique combination and I really look forward to trying this!

Overall, I quite like this bag with a great mix of products, and the value of the contents exceed the price of the subscription! So, I quite like this month's bag and would totally recommend it! I am already using the products and liking them! 

Let me know what you think about this bag!


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