August 2017 My Envy Box Review

Hey there people! 
I am super excited because it is my Birthday in a few days! But first let me tell you about the prettiest thing I received in my mail this month! The August My Envy Box is the prettiest box of 2017,  yet! The fact that it is in my favorite color, just makes me like it more! 

Let's see what I received in this month's box.

August 2017 My Envy Box Review

Iraa Eye Serum {Full Size, 490 INR} - 
I am currently using an oil that I had received in my December 2016 My Envy Box. I think I will start using this after sometime. What do you think about eye creams!? Let me know in the comments!

Elixir Shop Zaria Skin Brightening Skin Serum { 5 ml, 550 INR } - 
The products from Elixir shop is all over Instagram and I wanted to try something from them! So happy to receive a sample from them int his box! 

Nyasa Divine Lotus Body lotion {35 ml, 105 INR} - 
A lotus body lotion!? Have never tried anything like it! Super excited to give this lotion a try! Since the bottle is small, it would be perfect for my future travels

Soultree Lipstick In Candy Floss { Full Size, 550 INR } - 
There are 7 options of color in this and I received a nude pink shade and I am so happy about it! That's the color I wear most! And since I have already used a lipstick from them, I can safely say, i'd love it! 

Seer Secrets Tranquility Face Mists {Full size, 297 INR} - 
If you have been reading my blog for sometime now, you'd know that I am pretty big on facial mists! They smell great, uplift your mood and make your skin better, all at once ! Whats not to like! And from what I can see, this will be one of my favorites, because I am using this since the moment I received the box! 

All in all, I love the August Box! It looks pretty and has products that I will invariably use on a regular basis, and and the price of the box is much lesser than the price of the contents! 

Let me know your view in the comments below! Will you order this month's box!?

Load of love, 
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