No shopping for a long time!

To a girl like me {read: shopaholic}, the word “sale” is like music. And quite honestly, it is very difficult to control myself from shopping more, for useless things, for things that I don’t require. Clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, makeup, you just name it and I will buy it! Or rather I used to and that is what this post is about!

It has been almost two months, since I shelled out money from my pocket to shop for anything! Yes, TWO months! For me it is a HUGE deal.

I like to shop sales; I get a sense of accomplishment when I get a good deal on a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes! And lately, I was looking out for opportunities to make myself feel accomplished, frequently, and shopping became the only quick way to do so. And, in the daze of doing that, I completely overlooked how much I had shopped! Until the day I decided to organize my cupboard, since {needless to say} it was overflowing!

So, after seeing the amount of things I had, with the tags still intact, I decided to go on a shopping ban till December! Yes, for 6 months! Along with the shopping ban, I would also like to inform you guys that the fashion posts are going to be really interesting from this point forward! More on that later, at the moment let me tell you how I have fared in this last months.

Due to GST, the whole month of June was all about super offers, everywhere! It was extremely difficult but I made through that! And as I write, it is almost end of July, and I haven’t shopped yet!
But I did cheat a bit, I couldn’t control completely but I am getting better! I made my Mom buy me a dungaree and I made the Guy buy me a denim vest! But all on super discounted rates, to be fair! I wouldn’t say I did well, but I didn’t do too badly either in the last couple months!

Coming down to the outfit of the post now! I chose this outfit for this post because, the skirt was an absolute score in the last sale, I bought the top to use a voucher and the slip on were a good deal as well! I bought the skirt for just 200 INR, from an online shopping portal! Yep, 200 INR!
I am all about casual outfits and this outfit is exactly what represents me! Fun, casual and pretty pastel colors to represent a light and happy mood!

Can’t wait to do more outfit posts during my shopping ban, because they are going to be interesting,trust me!
What are your views! Let me know in the comments section below!


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