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After sleeping in on a snowy night, we woke up to a beautiful view of snow covered mountains. But we couldn’t wait for long as we were in a hurry to reach McLeodganj by evening and make a stop at Palampur too!

Day 6 - Manali – Naddi via Palampur –

We started out in the morning after breakfast and I was most excited for the next destination. Because Manali and Shimla was a bit overcrowded and commercial and I wanted a place with less number of people to just relax a bit.
The way to McLeodganj has a lot of pin curves, so keep this in mind, if you yourself are driving or tend to get nauseous easily.

We made a stop at Palampur and took in the view of the beautifully landscaped Tea gardens! While going through the town, the beautiful town itself mesmerized us with its charm. But since, we had less time on our hands we moved on ahead towards McLeodganj.

We reached Naddi, which is around a few Kilometers away from McLeodganj, just before the sunset and checked in to our hotel with a magnificent view! Now, we stayed right at the sunset point of Naddi, so that’s the reason for the beautiful view of the sun playing its magic on the Dhauladhar range.

Himachal PradeshTravel, Mcleodganj, Naddi , Indian travel blogger

Himachal Pradesh Travel, Mcleodganj, Naddi , Indian travel blogger

We decided to relax a bit after and had a lovely chat with the locals about the “Things to do”, which majorly consisted of Trekking. Naddi is a starting point for a couple trekking routes and way to few small waterfalls. We slept early since we wanted to watch the sunrise.

Also, on the way to McLeodganj, you will be able to spot the once glorious Kangra fort, almost on the verge of breaking apart. If you have ample time make a stop at Kangra too.

St.John in the wilderness
Day 7 – McLeodganj

We wanted to explore the town today and see all the places possible, but come back to Naddi, to catch the glorious sunset! We started a little late, around 10 and headed towards McLeodganj.

The Naddi View point is a great place to be at as you can have a leisurely stroll to a Yoga School and the view is magical!
The whole place is dotted with small villages and terrace farm. It is beautiful! When you reach the city center of McLeodganj, everything is accessible on foot. We went to Baghsunag temple and falls before the city center. 

The temple is a nice place with a history behind the temple’s foundation, by Indian soldiers. The temple is at the foothill of the Bhagsu Fall. It is around a 2km walk/trek to the waterfall. It must be really beautiful when there is a lot of water, but it was quite dry when we were there. But the view from this height is awesome and you mustn’t miss this!
If you want to shop, there are quite a lot of small stores outside the temple to pick up some really unique stuff!

Bhagsunag Falls
Namgyal Monastery 

City center, McLeodganj
St.John's Church in the wilderness

Kalchakra temple 

At Dal Lake!
When in the city center, roam around the rustic and charming lanes dotted with street side vendors selling all sorts of stones, jewelry, food and what not!

The next stop for us was the Tibet Museum and the Namgyal Monastery, which is also the place of residence for Dalai Lama. It is really serene and a must visit. After this, we hogged on some authentic Tibetan food! Followed by which we shopped a bit, like flavored teas, solid perfumes etc. Next stop was the beautiful and vibrant Kalchakra Temple.
We left from McLeodganj towards Naddi and on the way made two stops.  The Church of St.Johns in the wilderness is one of the most important churches of Himachal Pradesh. It was built in 1852 and the architecture is awe-worthy. It’s quiet, peaceful and beautiful here.

The next stop, right near Naddi, was Dal Lake. The name is derived from Srinagar’s Dal Lake, but it’s nothing like it. It is small lake, surrounded by old deodar trees. It is a nice place, but not really a “must visit”.

We headed towards the Sunset point, to soak in the magnificent sunset once again. I tried to soak in as much as I could! Everything about standing on the edge of the hill, with a cold breeze playing around, and looking at the Sun saying “see you tomorrow”, was so serene and calm, That I wanted to do just that every day.

But, it dawned on me, as the sun had set, that this trip was about to end. But at the same time, I couldn’t be more excited to go on another trip like this one!
The next Day, we left for Delhi, then I headed to Bangalore!
I really hope you liked reading the series of my travel posts. Because I absolutely LOVED writing all of these! I cannot wait to write more!

Please let me know, what more I can add or what I can remove from the travel posts.  If you haven’t Read the First two parts then give them a read –

Wish you plenty of great travel and adventure!
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