Shades of Summer!

Hey everyone!
Hope you are enjoying the sun this summer! We aren’t getting a lot of sunny days in Bangalore, but I am not complaining! But those of you, who are still facing the harsh sun, I have something to enable you to face the sun! 

I present to you the Stylish new collection by Titan! The trend in eye wear this year is all about the glasses taking the center stage, with vibrant colored reflectors and the frames have taken a back seat with subtle colors but structured shapes. And the collection by Titan has been designed very well, keeping in mind the trends as well as the classic shapes of sun glasses.

I picked the one which caught my attention the most. A structured Wayfarer in nude colored frame, which contrasts with the gold reflective glasses and gold accents! I thought it was perfect, understated and bold at the same time, making it quite the versatile piece!   

I am wearing this with a casual outfit, perfect for a movie date or just a day out! I think it keeps the outfit in balance, because the accessories are in a bold color as it is, but it also makes a statement at the same time!

I can assure you that you will spot this sun-glass a lot on my Instagram stories and future posts, because I really like wearing it! And I don’t wear things a lot, if they aren’t comfortable. This is! Very Lightweight and comfortable to wear! Which I think is necessary for any eye-wear to be.

Shades of Summer! Titan sunglasses Indian blogger

The collection starts from a price of 2195 INR and is available across all Titan eye plus stores. and online at

Do let me know what you think about the sun-glass and the outfit in comments below! Or write to me at  , I ABSOLUTELY LOVE receiving mails from you!

Loads of love,
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