How to get Chrome Nails WITHOUT Gel polish | Sparkle & Co.

DIY Chrome nails , without gel

Hey guys!
It has been so long since I posted a video tutorial for nails! I have been caught up with a lot of things right now and my nails were damaged for a really long time. So I didn’t want to do anything to them!

As soon as I could, I gave the NO GEL mirror chrome powder set a try from You can get the kit for yourself from their website. Now let me tell you how my experience with this kit has been!

The kit consists of Sparkle & co. Top pure, seal, chrome pure powder, 5 nail sticks, and applicators. You can use any color for the base! The best mirror effect comes from the color black. I have tried this over yellow, red, and pink and of course, black.

DIY Chrome nails , without gel

DIY Chrome nails , without gel

DIY Chrome nails , without gel , mirror powder
Mirror powder 

I will have a video up soon on my YouTube channel with the step by step instructions! Till then read through

1. Apply a base coat on your nails.
2. Apply two coats of the base color you want. For a mirror finish use Black, for a rose gold finish use red.  Let you nail colour dry completely because otherwise the outcome will not be great. 
3. Apply a coat of the S&Co. Top Pure and let it dry for about 20 - 30 minutes. Catch up on a Netflix series till then!
4. Now comes the fun part. Take the Chrome Pure powder, on the applicator. DO NOT pick up a lot of the powder at once.
5. Buff in the powder with the applicator or with your finger. I like using the tip of mu finger to buff in the powder.
6. After buffing in the powder, finish up with once coat of the Top Pure again and let it dry for about 20 minutes. Also after applying the Top Pure, seal of the chrome finished nails with the Seal at the edges of your nail.

How to get Chrome Nails WITHOUT Gel polish | Sparkle & Co. , Indian Nail art blogger

DIY Chrome nails , without gel
Rose Gold, done on a base of red polish! 
How to get Chrome Nails WITHOUT Gel polish | Sparkle & Co.

And that’s all you need to do to get awesome mirror effect nails, WITHOUT any gel polish!!

I absolutely love the effect this has on my nails! If I think I don’t want to have a nail color for too long, I simply apply the top pure followed by the chrome powder! And that completely Jazzes up my nails!

Be rest assured that, now since my nails are fine, you are going to see a lot more of this chrome powder, here on the blog.

Will you give this a try?! I would suggest getting a couple of your friends to invest in this because it will go on for multiple uses! So, do give this no-gel kit a try. I am sure you will be very excited with the results!

Loads of love,

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